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Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)
Smart Watch (2020 Version)

Smart Watch (2020 Version)

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toolcome Smart Watch (2020 Version)

Need a way of keeping track of your healthy lifestyle while looking stylish Need to check your heart rate periodically You can do all this and much more with Our Galaxy Smart Watch!

Toolcome Smart Watch (2020 Version)

Track steps, heart rate, and even your sleep cycle to better understand your overall health. Check out all the benefits The LeCouture-Nova Galaxy Smart Watch features down below!

Compatible with Android and iPhone!


  • Heart Rate Monitor + Blood pressure 
With progressive monitoring technology, the bracelet tracks your heart rate at the wrist without additional heart rate strap, giving the freedom to work out however you want and offering dynamic data to App.

  • Sedentary Reminder
To help you live a healthier life, the wristband will remind you whether you're sitting too long and urge you to exercise.

  • Sleep Monitor
This smart bracelet can monitor your sleep time, sleep quality, sleep depth and finally draw up your sleep pattern, enabling to adjust your sleep habit.

  • Activity Monitor

      It detects common activities such as walking, running, bike riding and other exercises automatically. Smart Watch (2020 Version)
      • Notifications
        It will vibrate and show the content when calls, SMS or third-party software ( such as Facebook, WhatsApp ) notifications come in.

        Smart Watch (2020 Version)
        • Anti-lost Function
        The bracelet will give a reminder when the working connection distance is out of range.
        Smart Watch (2020 Version)
        • Long Lasting Battery

          Full charge requires only 1-2 hours and the standby time can be up to 3 days with full power

          Smart Watch (2020 Version)

          Multi-Functions -
          • Pedometer
          • Calories
          • Distance
          • Heart Rate Monitor
          • Blood pressure 
          • Sleep quality measurement
          • Call reminder
          • Alarm clock
          • Stopwatch
          • Search bracelet and so on


          WHAT WILL YOU GET?

          • 1 X Galaxy Smart Watch
          • 1 X Galaxy Band Strap
          • 1 X Charger


          1. Compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0, Android ( OS 4.4 or above ); for iPhone ( iOS 8.5 or above )
          2. When using this equipment for the first time,  the watch battery has no power, please take out the device and charge it first.
          3. Download the "WearHealth" App from Apple Store and Android Market.


          Q: Does my order include a charger?
          A: Yes! Every watch ordered includes one charger!

          Q: Does it need a SIM Card to operate?
          A: No. It can be used independently but some of the functions need to be connected with your phone.

          Q: How long can the bracelet work and stand by?
          A: The wristband's working time is about 3 days while stand-by time is about 7 days.

          Q: Does the smartwatch come with a built-in camera?
          A: The bracelet does not have this function, but you can remote control your smartphone's camera via connecting Bluetooth.